New Chapter Guidelines

Interested in starting an MSPA chapter, or affiliating with MSPA National? Read below!

Interested in starting an MSPA chapter, or affiliating with MSPA National? Read below!

  1. Contact University Outreach Director at [email protected] with your interest.

  2. For entirely new chapters: After reading through this chapter protocol, begin to gather support. Locate a “faculty champion” invested in advising the organization, and a group of fellow student “founders.” At your first meeting(s), establish a priority list of the most pressing issues at your school or community. Brainstorm how you may address those issues with an MSPA chapter.

    1. Note: the faculty champion can play one of the most important roles in maintaining an MSPA chapter. Identify a faculty member, administrator or staff member - someone invested in your community - and allow them access to all MSPA-related Google Drives, DropBox folders, etc. so that if membership waxes and wanes, your organizational history remains.

  3. For existing organizations partnering with MSPA: Locate a “faculty champion” invested in advising the organization if you do not have one already. Ensure you are following your organization’s voting protocols for voting in favor of partnering with MSPA.

  4. Using MSPA draft constitution as a template, write your chapter constitution, keeping your chapter’s priorities in mind.

    1. Your constitution should include a structure for officers and members and a procedure for voting in officers (with the first board membership being excluded from this process as founding members).

    2. If you are an existing organization, your constitution should suffice; add a section for your partnership with the national MSPA organization.

  5. Submit a new chapter application, your chapter constitution, and membership roster which includes your faculty champion to the Outreach Director. Your membership roster will be enrolled in the national mailing list.

    1. Note: we recognize the dearth of LGBTQIA+ faculty members and allies in academic medicine. If you are unable to secure a committed faculty champion, please contact University Partnerships for guidance and support.

  6. After confirmation from MSPA national recognizing your organization, apply for official recognition from your school’s student organizing bodies.

  7. Work to ensure MSPA materials are included in information packets, including the school’s website listing organizations, packets sent to new students, etc.

  8. You will be added to the MSPA Chapter Slack channel, as well as the MSPA Chapter Resources Drive.

  9. Schedule your first official meeting, preferably early in the first quarter that your chapter is established.

    1. Advertise far and widely! Incorporate residents and faculty as well, to create a network of support.

    2. Offer information for your members to join the national organization.

    3. Present ideas for projects in the year; set aside time in the meeting to brainstorm and gather student input.

  10. Planning projects and events: a list of suggestions.

    1. Student Organization Fair/Student Welcome Back Fair/New Students Fair

    2. Social Events (ranging from parties, to city outings, to board game nights, to brunches, to plays/concerts; with and without alcohol)

    3. Surveys: eg. administer an anonymous sexual and gender identity survey of your class; present results, and use as educational moment

    4. Lecture Series/Speaker Invites

    5. Response to current/political events (rallies, photo campaigns, donation drives, op-eds)

    6. Writing letters, publishing op-eds, involvement with policy

    7. Starting an LGBTQIA+ medical education/health research group

    8. National events: organize events, campaigns (social media and otherwise), donation drives, rallies, etc. around these:

      1. National Coming Out Day: October 11th

      2. Transgender Day of Remembrance: November 20th

      3. Black History Month: February

      4. Transgender Day of Visibility: March 31st

      5. LGBTQ Health Awareness Week: Mid-March

      6. Bisexual Health Month: April

      7. Pride Month: June

  11. Make sure to document all events. Including which events were held, when, how many people attended, photos of events, etc. at a central, accessible location that can be shared with MSPA National.

  12. Requirements to maintain partnership:

    1. Check in with MSPA biannually (in December, and May of each year) using the chapter check-in form.

    2. *Strong recommendation* keep MSPA National updated regularly with events, accomplishments, photos, etc. that you want highlighted on our pages (social media & website) - let us show the world the work you’re doing!