Why become a chapter?

  1. Lead, and contribute to MSPA direction & vision! Become a “founding” medical school chapter. Help to pave the direction of MSPA, and finalize the vision and purpose of a national LGBTQIA+ organization that works for you.

  2. Tap into a wide network of passionate students! When your chapter joins MSPA National, you’ll enter a network - via a centralized, organized chatting platform - to bounce off ideas, partner with different chapters for regional campaigns, and share thoughts for curriculum and research projects!

  3. Access a collaborative set of resources! MSPA Chapters will access a shared “cloud,” with documents including scholarship & fellowship opportunities, templates for educational and advocacy projects, ideas for events, and shared projects between groups!

  4. Widen your reach! As our network grows, we’ll be showcasing chapters and your accomplishments across our websites and social media! Let us brag about your success!

  5. Have fun!!!! MSPA is all about community - meet rad LGBTQIA+ students across the country, and strengthen the rainbow in medicine!

  6. *** No costs for membership, and no requirements to change your organization’s current name, constitution or organizational history :) Low bar for HIGH fun.